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Veena Malik Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

Pakistani beauty Veena Malik who has been enjoying marital bliss ever since she got married to Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, has been blessed with her second child. The Zindagi 50 50 actress gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in Virginia, US. The little one has been named Amal Asad Khan by the happy couple who already are parents to one-year-old son Abram. Veena Malik got hitched to Asad in multi-nation wedding celebrations which in 2013, bidding goodbye to showbiz for the time being.

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Sweet Baby Girl – Christmas Fun 2 – Game For Kids Gameplay

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Who are these adorable Santa’s helpers? Holiday season is here and Sweet Baby Girl with her best friends are getting ready for Christmas! Join them and have tons of fun in Santa’s village. Decorate fireplace, draw Christmas cards, bake ginger cookies, dress up girls, play Santa spa, make frozen ice sculptures, rescue Rudolph the reindeer and more!
Special winter holiday season game Sweet Baby Girl Christmas Fun 2 brings the best frozen winter adventures for all little kids and toddlers who dream of helping Santa!

Game Features

Santa Claus Care
Santa just woke up from his long sleep. Help him prepare for Christmas and holiday season! Wash and brush his teeth, cut hair and nails, and clean up his ears and nose. You will get a gift from Santa for this good job!

Santa Dress Up
Dress Santa Claus his Christmas Eve journey around the world! Mix and match different Santa’s wardrobe items: shoes, trousers, jackets, hats, glasses and, most importantly, Santa’s beard!

Rudolph Rescue
Oh no, Santa’s favorite reindeer Rudolph is frozen in ice! Rescue Rudolph before it has to travel around the world on Christmas Eve or kids won’t get their Christmas presents on time! Melt the frozen ice, clean up and take care of Rudolph, and treat this lovely reindeer with hot tea and honey!

Christmas Cards
It’s Christmas craft time! Learn how to draw four gorgeous Christmas greeting cards with Rudolph, Christmas tree, snowman and Santa Claus on it. Test your memory and find two Christmas cards that are the same!

Ice Sculpture
Make the most beautiful sculptures of ice! Grab your ice tools and turn giant ice cubes into stunning ice sculptures: frozen deer and romantic swan.

Fireplace Decoration
Free your imagination and create the most beautiful Christmas fireplace! Add your favorite decorations: funny stockings, candles, candy canes, glass ornaments, garlands, cute paintings and more!

Dress Up
Dress up Sweet Baby Girl with fashionable and cute festive clothing: adorable winter dress, colorful leggings, soft sweater and warm jacket. Choose from cute bunny eye masks, hair accessories, earmuffs, hats, gloves and winter boots. Dress up for Holidays and celebrate Christmas in style!

Gingerbread Cookies
Ginger cookies have the sweetest smell of Christmas! Bake delicious shaped gingerbread cookies and decorate them with your favorite icing and toppings!

Christmas Tree Decoration
Create your own perfect Christmas tree! Add snowflakes, angels, candies, gingerbread cookies, garlands, lights and other Christmas decorations!

Snowman Builder
What can be more fun in winter than playing with snow! Choose from different size snowballs to build your own snowman. Dress up you snowman with rocks, coal, carrot, sticks, hats, clothes and shoes!

Santa’s Sleigh
Join Santa in his magical sleigh with reindeer and fly around the world! Tap the screen and hold to go up. Collect letters to Santa, candy canes, stars and sweets as you go!

TWIN Baby Girl Names!!

What are the baby girl names that I love for TWINS?? I may never have any girls so I hope you love these names and use them!!

Let me know what baby girl names you love or what type of videos you want to see!!

Thank you for watching!!

Twin Boy/Girl Video:

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xoxo Megan

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Baby Girl | Lightis

It is 1:56AM where I live and I have school. (TERRIBLE DECISIONS TM)

SO, I got inspired to do Lightis again after listening to this sexy af song.
I started this at like, 2pm? EDITED NON-STOP. Didn’t want to stop until I was DONE, thus, I AM UP AT 2AM.

(lightis is my life rn. waiting for my fav lightis fics on ao3 to update lolol)


~ Noctis finds Lightning (birth name being Claire) frozen and he manages to become the catalyst for her release (or revival). Lightning thanks Noct greatly for reviving her and gives him her signature tap-on-back to show respect to him.

[They get to know each other over an extended period of time.]

On the train, Noctis is trying to reach Lightning when the train crashes through the Purge gate and the two find themselves within the aftermath of the wreckage. The time portals begin to activate from this point, disconnecting Lightning’s timeline from Noctis’.

Shortly after said happening, Gladiolus tells Noctis that she had gone missing. After hearing this, Noctis begins falling into this spiral of negative reminiscing about her and he cannot get her out of her mind which affects the jobs he has to do.
Gladio implores that Noct get over Light as there is no chance for her to return as for all they knew, Lightning was dead.

Several months later, Lightning returns to Noctis’ timeline and makes her way to the castle of Insomnia. He grabs hold of her collar as he is so overwhelmed with her and Lightning calms him with the words: “I told you that we’d meet again.”


My last Lightis video was pretty depressing, but I managed to make the ending for this one a little more fluffy. ^^

I hope you all enjoy this angsty Lightis trash can, right here. I really enjoyed editing with these two. I just love them.

Games: Final Fantasy XIII (series) and Final Fantasy XV.
Program Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and Sony Vegas Pro 10.
Time Elapsed: 9hrs

Asin And Rahul Sharma BLESSED With A Baby Girl! | LehrenTV

Bollywood and Tollywood actor Asin Thottumkal and her CEO husband Rahul Sharma became parents to a cute little angel today. Check out the video, to know more.

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Baby girl moving and kicking in womb (week 38)

Home made video of my daughter moving before she knew it was cool 🙂

I think she was giving us a preview of her personality.. she is 3 years old now and hyper 24/7 …

shot with my Canon camera